Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thank you - Schiebler

To begin - I need to thank a few people and companies that make my life better.  In no particular order I would like to thank Schiebler the makers of the compression garments that I wear.

Go to the Schiebler website to find out more about them.  It's to the fine people working there that there are comfortable compression garments available for Lymphoedema sufferers to wear.

Just so you know - this blog is not endorsed by Schiebler in ANY WAY!  Seriously - I'm just fortunate enough to wear their garments.

I could remember years ago when I wore some rubbery garments made by a company I won't mention that used to dig into my ankles and the cavity in my right leg causing undue distress and pain. Driving was a painful experience for me - the garments would eventually slip downwards and it would feel like someone is cutting my ankle and knees with a rusty knife.  Every now and then I would shed a tear because of the pain they'd cause me.  I knew without them I would have to endure much bigger legs and constant bouts of cellulitis.
I had months of prolonged open wounds that I cannot get them to heal.  I resorted to stuffing tissues and used long-distance calling cards to prevent the garments from digging in.  I used to spend hours trying to devise ways for them not to cause me pain and creating wounds.  My heart would skip a beat when in the evenings when I take the garments off to see a new wound despite my efforts to prevent them in the first place. 

But for now - no more crying of pain and worrying about wounds - I'd like to wholeheartedly thank Schiebler for improving my life and making it worth living.

There are more people that I need to thank - so stick around for future posts.

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