Saturday, 3 November 2012

I've discovered shorts!

Welcome back!

This summer I have discovered shorts!  You may be thinking what's so special about them.  I've never worn shorts since high school plus my legs weren't in a state I could show them off.

One of the problems that I have from wearing compression garments on my legs is that they usually slip down and when they do they can cause pain.  I have to find a toilet or a secluded room pretty quickly in order to pull them up away from my knee privately.

With the warm weather - wearing three layers of 'clothing' (two compression garments and trousers) was getting pretty painful and sticky.  My therapist suggested I use a water spray - basically spray it on the garments making them slightly wet. This helps my legs feel cooler.  This was all well but I still had the problem of the garments slipping down.

Whilst in Sainsbury's I eyed a pair of shorts, I just wondered what it would feel to wear shorts.  I mentally anticipated weird looks and stares if I had worn them.  Would people think my fashion sense had gone out the window?  Or would they think what's this fat bloke doing wearing black tights under his shorts?  Despite feeling and anticipating embarrassment and ridicule I decided to buy a pair.

Oh what a relief!! I wish I had bought a pair earlier! Now I can position the garments so they don't collect up at the knee.  I did get a few odd stares from the family but then I thought I'd go and show the world.  I guess you only live once...  I had a lot of weird stares.  But all in all people just got used to it seeing me wear them  I just thought they'd wear the shorts if they had to wear garments like me, but I wouldn't wish that on them..

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