Saturday, 2 August 2014

Thank you - Elaine Melsome

My utmost heartfelt and eternal thanks goes to Elaine Melsome, the wonderful lady (and specialist) who works at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Northwood, Rickmansworth, UK.  I would say without her I wouldn't exist - I'd be in the hands of inexperienced doctors.

Thankfully I do not suffer from cancer.  She also suffers from lymphoedema, she is also a former nurse. After retraining she decided to run the Lymphoedema clinic with the proviso that she takes care of non cancer patients as well.  The treatment I get would have been, this will sound horrible, reserved for cancer patients only.

It is only because of her tenacity, courage, determination and enthusiasm that I get cared for by the clinic.

Just recently through some miscommunication I've been referred back to my GP from Mount Vernon. Through little fault of my own, I missed an appointment that I wasn't aware of.  Hence the hospital decided to criminalise me for wasting valuable resources.  Apparently I've missed four over the last three years, the letter that I received read like a criminal rap sheet.

They are simply not aware how much I value my lymphoedema appointments, they take planning and preparation to attend.  It just pains me that I'll have to jump through hoops again in order to get care from Mount Vernon again.

Welcome back to me...

Hello Me!

It's been a very long time since I last posted anything. I need to make amends.  I keep thinking that each post should have a picture of some kind and I suspect that has been hindering my progress and preventing me from posting anything.

So from now on I'll post things that won't have a picture and I sure hope you don't mind. There's a lot I need to say so without further ado. You'll be reading my first post back..