Friday, 5 February 2016

Pain, pain and more pain

I haven't written anything lately mainly because I've been experiencing excruciating pain. The garments on my right leg regularly collect down to my knee. This causes the skin behind to sore and angry.  If left unattended become a graze or possibly a wound.

Well it became a wound quite quickly. So I had to get my big tub of Sudocrem out!

At work, it was regular and long visits to the loo.  Usually it is to let the wound out in the open for some relief. After 10 minutes then it is back to pulling my garments and getting back to work. Thankfully the folk at work are understanding, which helps a lot.  But the constant worry and pain has been giving me headaches.

I've been able to have a couple of lazy Saturdays, thanks to my family. This went a long way to helping the wound heal.

After a fortnight things are finally back to normal. Things are manageable now.